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Dear Comfort Concepts:

Having run my own electrical business and working in the construction field for more than 30 years I honestly feel I have a better than average knowledge of how a customer expects to be treated. Your companies professionalism and experience was obvious from the first day we met to discuss my AC system. Your suggestions and answers to all my questions were always exactly what I needed to make an educated and knowledgeable choice in picking the perfect system for my application. I thank you for your honesty and especially for the quality of your work which I know was above and beyond what most contractor I’ve witnessed would have performed. The system you installed has worked flawlessly and saved me on average $150.00 per month. Although that savings alone is pretty impressive the true savings is even more when you consider I ran my old system at 80 degrees in the summer months to save money and the new system runs at 74 degrees and doesn’t use half the power. Being an electrician I tested the older unit and took a reading of 34 amps when the compressor was loaded. The new unit runs at 12 amps in stage one then if it needs to it advances to stage two but still only draw 16.8 amps. The damper system in the attic was the perfect solution for my two-story house and allows the unit to hardly work at all at night. We’ve all also noticed a huge improvement in air quality with the larger filter system you installed reducing dust around the house almost completely. Thank you!

James Ward