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Comfort Agreement

To save on utility bills and service calls, we urge you to take a preventive approach to heating and cooling. All of your heating and cooling systems should be included in a regular inspection and maintenance.


Why buy an Comfort maintenance agreement from us?


Planned Maintenance-The Energy Savings Plan provides scheduled service care to maintain the operating efficiency of your air conditioning system (s) and minimize the probability of expensive repair bills.

The following planned maintenance will be periodically performed during normal work hours on your covered Air Conditioning System (s).

1. System Inspections- Your system (s) will be inspected THREE times annually with a written report provided. The THREE inspections are: The Cooling Maintenance Tune-up, The Heating Maintenance Check and The Annual Major Maintenance.

2. Cleaning- Exclusive of air filters & duct work, all accessible components will be cleaned as required for efficient system performance.

3. Lubrication- At each system inspection, equipment components will be lubricated, if required, at that time.







1. Check air filters and clean

2. Check for adequate refrigerant charge

3. Check voltage

4. Check condensate drain

5. Inspect compressor contacts

6. Check thermostat

7. Check capacitors

8. Check relays

9. Check vibration and noise

10. Check running and starting amperage




1. Inspect burners and clean as required

2. Inspect flue pipe and draft diverter

3. Check air filters

4. Check for gas leaks

5. Check pilot and clean as required

6. Check safety pilot

7. Inspect heat exchanger if accessible

8. Check thermostat

9. Check gas valve

10. Check for combustible material on or near furnace




1. Remove furnace burners and clean if necessary

2. Inspect heat exchanger for cracks or holes

3. Check gas pressure at furnace

4. Remove and clean blower wheel as required

5. Check blower motor and lubricate if necessary

6. Inspect evaporator, to clean must be accessible

7. Clean drain pan and clear drain lines

8. Clean condenser coil

9. Check condenser motor and lubricate as required

10. Tighten electrical connections

11. Check fan control for proper adjustment

12. Check limit safety switch

13. Check performance and operating efficiency of heating system

14. Check air filters and clean

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